Jay Trott

Category: Romantic Comedy

Can two damaged people find love again?
Or will they let their damage keep them apart?

Douglas is a serious young man with a serious blot on his resume—abandonment and divorce from his wife of four months. For eight years he’s been beating himself up over it and feeling like a failure. 

Trish also has some debilitating shade in her past, having run away from the altar at the tender age of 22. In her mind she has a terrible secret and is not sure if she will ever be able to marry.

As Douglas’s brother puts it, she’s the runaway bride, and he’s the guy whose bride ran away. Against all expectations they find themselves strongly attracted to each other. But because of their histories and past suffering they have a hard time getting together.

 And just when they do, everything falls apart.

Trish’s Secret is a tender tale about two deeply damaged people who are afraid of attachment. Follow them as they try to overcome the world and their own sense of inadequacy. 



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