Jay Trott

Category: Drama

Mike decided to leave the rat race and go into the ministry out of love. But then love turned into a liability when his fellow pastors became jealous of his success.

THE MAN WHO LOVED TOO MUCH is a heartbreaking tale of jealousy and revenge in a place where there should be nothing but love.

Mike Shapely decides to go into ministry when his beloved wife dies of cancer and finds himself in a large, thriving church. Everything seems to be going fine until he runs afoul of a power couple who have some unsetlling ieads about who is and who isn’t a “Christian.”

Also he is shocked to find himself at odds with the church’s celebrated pastor, Charles Ridley. It seems the better Mike does in the pulpit, the colder and more remote Charles becomes.

Then an eager young paster joins the staff with the vision of creating a “faith statement” to bring back the glory days of the Puritans, as he sees it. When Mike refuses to sign, he finds himself in danger of losing his job.

Suspenseful and poignant, THE MAN WHO LOVED TOO MUCH tells the story of a kindhearted man who is made to suffer for his talents and his generosity–not by the unbelieving world but by the very church he came to serve.