Jay Trott

Category: Romantic Comedy

Jim strongly suspects Erin is the one. Then he falls under the spell of a mysterious goddess. Will he ever come to his senses?

Jim Wilmot is a promising young copywriter with very romantic ideas about women gleaned mostly from his favorite books and movies. Erin O’Connell doesn’t exactly fit the profile, but she is a warm-hearted young lady who loves him and to whom he senses a special attachment. Then a modern goddess falls into his lap who is impossibly desirable and also impossible to pin down. Should he give up Erin for what is starting to seem like a pipe dream or change his ideas about love and marriage?

STARSTRUCK! is a hilarious romantic comedy jam packed with unforgettable characters and the madness of our media-dominated world. In the tradition of Jane Austen, it looks at everyday life with an incisive eye and finds some things to admire and others that make us want to shake our head. Above all it is an examination of the illusions created by popular culture and the struggle they can cause to grasp what is real.