Jay Trott

Category: Thriller/Suspense

Jill is a painter who has lost the will to paint. Josh is a Goth stranger with a thirst for blood. Is he there to save her…or destroy her?

Jill Campbell is an extravagantly gifted painter who has been worn down by rejection and the cares of life and has decided to put her paints away. One snowy night she meets a dark young man, Josh, who helps her find her car keys. She is intrigued by him and his cultivated ways. She decides to paint him when her significant other (Brian) and their son are not home. It is the most torrid thing she has ever painted.

Jill is shocked by the result but also pleased by the return of her powers. She surprises herself by inviting Josh to see it when no one is home. He raves about her paintings. She paints another one of him and invites him again. The excitement she feels creating these paintings is overwhelming. But why does she have such a strong desire to paint this strange young man? Is she in love with him?

She thinks she might be. She and Brian are on the verge of breaking up. But there’s something about Josh that she doesn’t know. He has been in a terrible car crash and feels like he’s living in a conscious coma. He also seems to have developed a thirst for blood. This terrifies him.

What is it about Jill that fascinates him so much? Is he there to support her, or does he have something much darker on his mind?